Why Use WordPress?

It’s fast
We develop most of our client’s Web sites using WordPress, a free development platform that’s built in the Cloud. The thing we like about it most is speed. When you work on a traditional HTML site, edits are a pain. You have to contact us, we have to contact the programmer, they make a change and we review it, you get the change you wanted. But that’s a slow process.

When we build your web site using WordPress, at the end of the project we turn the editing over to you, and your business. You can make the changes easily at your own office. WordPress Web sites can be edited anywhere there is a computer with a Web browser. Like in your office.

It’s easier to find you
Search engines like Google are the single most likely way customers can find your business. So if you’re going to put up a site, you should make it as easy to discover as possible. WordPress web sites are easier to optimize for searches than standard Web sites, and as the search engines change, you can change with them.

See what you’re getting
The WordPress world is big. Lots of developers create templates, widgets, and little programs that do most any type of Web-site-related functionality. And the best thing is that they all show examples that are already working. We help you navigate the thousands of web design options, and customize them for your business. You’ll have a much better idea of what your site will look like in the end, before you have to write a check.

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