Masco MA-17 Vintage Public Address Amplifier

Masco MA-17 Vintage Public Address Amplifier

I’ve officially become an Amp Tramp.

I picked up this Masco MA-17 on eBay last week. It’s already packed up and on it’s way to Skip Simmons in California.


The box isn’t the nastiest-looking amp I’ve seen around, only road-worn and dirty from 65 years of hanging around. But check out that lovely Masco Badge on the front! Just enough crud to give it character.

The seller bought it from a music store that was going out of business. I’m sure they only paid $20 or so for it. I took the bait and got it for $175 without even knowing if it would turn on. Kind of funny, because the seller was only 15 miles from me in Massachusetts. I got to drive over and pick it up.

It’s smaller than I expected, and just the right width for sitting on top of a standard speaker cab. I can’t wait to play it, and I’m gonna be on pins and needles until I get it back in Boston.






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