Website Design

Creating a plan
We help you decide what to build. Will your Web site be a simple calling card? Should it replace traditional marketing materials? Can it be integrated into existing business, computer and marketing systems? We know the questions, and help you answer them.

James Waldron Design brings over twenty years of Web design experience to the table, working with small clients like yours, and big ones like Agfa and General Motors.

We help you decide what to say, and then build a site to say it.

Making it work
Our work focuses on the user, creating easy to use graphical user interfaces, clean, simple design, and pages that download quickly. We concentrate on more than aesthetics. The functionality of Web pages are carefully analyzed and designed for most efficient use.

Give us a call. We’ll start a marketing discussion. 508 320 5545

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Print Marketing

Be Professional
It’s a competitive world out there. You want your business to look the best it can to the marketplace. Why? Because no one wants to do business with amateurs. When your marketing materials look clean, organized, and compelling, so does your company. That’s even more crucial when you’re a small business. You have to look big to attract big clients.

Be Consistent
We build marketing programs that stand out, and stand together. It’s important to the business world that your company speaks in one voice. We make sure your business cards, brochures, sales presentations, Web site, forms, letters, and e-mails look like a family. And that consistency tells customers you know your stuff.

Logo development
Sales brochures
Annual reports
Trade-show booths
Corporate identity
Data sheets
Promotional posters
Product manuals

Featured Print Marketing

Video Marketing

Tell a Story
More than ever people are getting their marketing message across using moving images. We’ve been telling visual stories for over 20 years, and we’ll help you get your act together. Our work ranges from one minute clips meant for youtube, to full-length documentaries. We’ve even won some awards for our films. Maybe that’s because we usually only shoot what we are confidant is a good story.


Think Beyond the Stock Photo
Marketing budgets sometimes scare clients away from custom photography. Well, we think that there’s a different feel you get across when the pictures in your marketing are as real as your product or service. You’ll find our rates reasonable, and the end result more reflective of the real thing.

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