About Us

Who we are

We’re a small business marketing company, and a small business ourselves. So you get our full attention. We’re fussy about who we take on as clients. We work with people we like. Because we often turn professional relationships into friendships. And fishing trips. Our boat is always ready and the motor’s usually gassed up.

What we do

We use consistent, appealing design, and clear messages to help you build a differentiated brand for your business. We do this by designing logos, brochures, ads, flyers, trade show booths, posters, online banners, Web sites, email campaigns, and presentations for salespeople.

Why it matters

We make sensible, integrated marketing programs that build your brand and your voice to help your small business do more business – so it grows and it’s not so small anymore.

When you should call us

You’re either growing fast, in which case you can’t do all the marketing for your your company by yourself anymore.

If you’re not growing fast enough, we can help you make a plan to sharpen your messages, and clean up and unify the design of your communications.

Either way, call us. 508 320 5545